LRCZ Tools

LRCZ Tools is a plugin for Revit that combines a couple tools to increase productivity while executing construction documentation tasks. These are tools we use during our daily workflow and found to be lacking in Revit and have thus created for ourselves to make life easier and be more productive and are now making available outside our office.. 


The LRCZ Tools plugin offers an extensive range of features that will expand over time as we receive new requests from users or find an automation possibility in our own workflow.

Feature Request

Element renumbering

Conveniently Renumber any selection of elements via any instance parameter.

Features include:
- Custom prefix
- X and Y coordinate sequence sorting
- Option to keep already defined numbers as is.
- Option to fill gaps in sequence or add to end

View Generation

Generate Floorplans Sections and Elevations for walls, beams and columns automatically, These can then be used to create formwork or rebar plans.

Features include:
- Configurable naming scheme supporting prefix and suffix.
- View template selection
- Orientation correction

Boundary Condition Generation

A one click solution for generating boundary conditions for your analytical model.

Detailed Formwork Quantification

Generate detailed Formwork quantities with 1 click, currently supports only walls.

Features Include:
- Distinction between Main, Sub and Horizontal  formwork
- Data saved to shared parameters
- Schedulable 

Dedicated Spot Elevation Types

Configurable buttons to allow 1 click selection of a specific spot elevation type to reduce the number of actions when making plans..

Graphic Override Propagation

Easily transfer Graphic Overrides from one element to the next with 2 clicks.

Change Log

BUG Report

Version 1.6 - Latest

- Added Dedicated Spot Elevation Type tools
- Added Graphic Override Propagation Tool
- View Generation, View padding property has been added.
- View Generation, Properties are now saved within same Revit session to reduce the amount of user input required
- Renumbering,  Added option to keep already defined numbers
- Renumbering, Added option to add to end of sequence or fill gaps
- Renumbering, Added prefix matching and option to exclude non matching elements.

- Generated horizontal sections sometimes being rotated 180 deg in relation to element
- Template selection for View Generation has been cleaned up and made more readable and is now sorted alphabetically.

Published on 30-08-2022

Version 1.5

- Added Initial Version of Boundary Condition Generator

Published on 20-04-2022