AutoFlow is a plugin for Revit designed to enhance productivity in construction documentation tasks. It provides a suite of tools developed from our daily workflow needs, which were not originally available in Revit. By addressing these gaps, AutoFlow aims to simplify processes, boost efficiency, and is now offered beyond our internal use.


AutoFlow, a dynamic plugin for Revit, is designed to evolve with the needs of its users, expanding its feature set in response to new user requests and automation opportunities identified in our workflow. This approach ensures that AutoFlow remains a cutting-edge tool, continuously adapting to enhance efficiency and productivity in construction documentation tasks.

Feature Request

Element Renumbering

AutoFlow enables convenient renumbering of any selection of elements through any instance parameter, offering features designed to streamline your workflow:

  • Custom Prefix: Customize numbering with prefixes to suit project standards.
  • X and Y Coordinate Sequence Sorting: Sort elements based on their X and Y coordinates for logical sequencing.
  • Preserve Existing Numbers: Option to leave already assigned numbers unchanged, ensuring consistency.
  • Sequence Management: Choose to fill gaps in the numbering sequence or simply add new numbers to the end, providing flexibility in organizing documentation.

View Generation

AutoFlow automates the generation of floorplans, sections, and elevations for walls, including automatic annotation and sheet placement, with customizable features:

  • Configurable Naming Scheme: Utilize prefixes and suffixes for systematic naming.
  • Template Customization: Select templates, view types, and sheets for tailored presentations.
  • Adjustable Padding and Spacing: Fine-tune element padding and spacing on sheets.
  • Annotation Customization: Tailor annotation settings to fit project requirements.
  • Orientation Correction: Ensures accurate representation by correcting element orientation.
  • Content-Based Sheet Naming: Sheets are named according to their contents for streamlined organization.

Floorplan Documentation

AutoFlow introduces an innovative feature for automating the dimensioning of floorplans, which dynamically adapts to model changes. This allows for the regeneration of dimensions at any point while preserving any manually placed dimensions, ensuring accuracy and saving time.

  • Easy Setup: Simplifies the initial configuration process, allowing for a quick start.
  • Regeneration Capability: Allows for the regeneration of dimensions at any time, providing flexibility in the design process.
  • Efficiency: Reduces the manual effort required for dimensioning, streamlining the planning process.
  • Manual Dimension Preservation: Ensures that manually placed dimensions remain intact during automatic updates, maintaining deliberate design decisions.

Detailed Formwork Quantification

AutoFlow simplifies the process of generating detailed formwork quantities for walls with just one click, focusing on efficiency and precision.

  • Distinction between Main, Sub, and Horizontal Formwork: Allows for detailed categorization and quantification.
  • Data Integration with Shared Parameters: Ensures that all generated data is saved to shared parameters for easy access and manipulation.
  • Schedulable Outputs: Enables the creation of schedules directly from the generated data, facilitating easy reporting and analysis.


Dedicated Spot Elevation Types

Customizable buttons in AutoFlow allow for one-click selection of specific spot elevation types, streamlining the planning process by reducing the number of steps required.

Graphic Override Propagation

With AutoFlow, you can swiftly transfer Graphic Overrides between elements using just two clicks, enhancing efficiency in your workflow.

Boundary Condition Generation

AutoFlow offers a one-click solution for automatically generating boundary conditions for your analytical model, streamlining the setup process for structural analysis.



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Published on 02-04-2024