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November 1, 2019

Good evening dear followers

Tonight’s topic – we have a large Revit file with an abundance of views and we just want to remove those that are not placed on Sheets so that we don’t mess up our sheets stes.

Sounds easy you might think but is not. There are a couple of options:

Manually iterating through your project browser: well, if you have an intern that requires BS work (I am referencing David Graeber “Bullshit Jobs” here) – that is the way to go. That will keep her/him busy for the next two days. Intrinsically bullshit. Period. Time wasted, money wasted. But that is how free market operates. Don’t get me started on that.

Revit Project Browser organization: organize the browser to filter out all views that are on sheets by using this mask:


Well, that is apparently too aggressive and leaves me with empty sheets – if somebody has an idea on the search string please comment


Dynamo for the rescue – here is a little script


Downside is that it takes a very long time but the result is as expected.

Graph is available

Time to port Dynamo scripts to macros or plugins – I take offers…

And all is good…

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