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October 26, 2019

Lately I have been reviewing some products and I want to share this with you readers.

I have been looking at a couple of Revit plug-ins from RCCCAD

Those tools aim at structural modelling and – lo and behold – they look quite good.

First there is InstaCrete – modelling tools with a distinct edge on enabling 4D and 5D information in your model. Your VDC model. And I make a point out of this since I – personally – now make a point out of putting the term “BIM” to rest. I have seen too much crappy “BIM”-Models lately so let’s just deprecate this label and focus on VC – such as in Virtual Construction.

So what can we do with InstaCrete you may ask?


That’s what you first see when you open up Concrete Settings. And that sparked my interest – so this is not just one of these  modelling tools – somebody thought about construction and cost. Bravo.

Grid and Level creation is pretty much straightforward


Helpful, nothing all too special but when configured right a time saver.

Then there is a substantial volume of structural members creation tools – I won’t go into details here – but you can check them out downloading the 15-day trial from RCCCAD.


Which – I’d recommend you out there to do.

Finally an intriguing button:


What does it do? It lets you directly write a schedule top Excel. So let’s test that on a quite substantial project file:


Let’s fire the tool up:


This dialogue is pretty straightforward – select a category


Tada – you are asked to save an Excel file – and I now spare you the details because it is as straightforward as creating a schedule in Revit but just as an Excel file (which your client asked you to send before the end of the hour)…


Here we go – your schedule in Excel – minimal effort

I can recommend this tool…

For the rest – there are still two more tools to review – InstaSys and InstaFoundation – will happen shortly…

Cheers to all out of you banging the VC…

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