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How to kill a mockingbird…

November 23, 2018

Haven’t we all been there – we have a pristine model but – due to unforeseen circumstances it is flooded with parameters without value…

Dynamo to the rescue – let’s take a look – and – DISCLAIMER – this workflow is just bits and pieces that will be married together over the course of the following days – so please stay tuned…

First – here is a workflow to investigate which project parameter is bound to what and – does it actually have a value in your BIM or is it just a parameter-zombie…?!?

Capture.pngAs before – if you find that interesting feel free to get in touch…

So – running the workflow depicted above shows us that this parameter holds values:


The result –  a bravo to Data-Shapes for making this slick user interface possible – looks like this:


Loos pretty well used – so let it stay opposed to this one


So this is clearly unused – let’s see how to get rid of this:

We got a new Dynamo workflow – here:


Stay tunes…

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