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March 4, 2018

Category – 50 seconds Dynamo. It was not the greatest day of days today, lot’s of work and the server decided to do a Windows Update which basically consumed modt of todays productive time.

Nonetheless, jumping into preparations for a new project we started to lay out the grids and lo and behold we wanted to be clean and start with Grid 1 vertically and Grind A horizontally.

At Grid one we got the infamous warning:


The only problem was – Grid 1 was nowhere to be found in the project. So we had a choice of 2 – searching for half an hour to find the mysterious Grid 1 or building a Dynamo – in 50 seconds.


Done – Grid 1 is nuked out of the system and the name can now be reassigned. That’s essentially what I like about Dynamo, quick and easy stuff.

Life get’s better…

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