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Darling you gotta let me know…

January 14, 2018

Family time – isn’t it. Not the schmooze kind playing with your kids (especially when your kid is closing in on becoming 20) – nor the zoo time part – Revit families… lets take a look at the following picture:


Could all this be a complex nested family – probably so. But your’s truly is sick and tired of  troubleshooting complex families that tend to break out of the blue so we went the hard way and did this entire assembly in Dynamo. The graph is probably the worst piece of spaghetti code:


So the word is out – nested families or Dynamo – or both? This story will be continued…

If you want to get the graph for playing around – grab it here.

The testbed Revit project – grab it here.

Next steps – the strategy is to create basically 2 families of repetitive parts to position with Dynamo to cut the chaos down. Ongoing project, lots of new stuff learned…

Life is good…

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