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September 22, 2017

Due to insane amounts of project work… you have seen that before… Nonetheless, one thing that we here propagate is to keep your model clean.

We do not want to see warnings and – personally is my gold standard for model quality since you immediately can feel the performance impact – especially in floor sketches.

Anyways – ta-da – here we have the model:


Looks a bit angular

In detail:


Don’t even ask me why – we are just executing at another parties design… but yes, I sure can see the 245.82 degrees in the mud of a rainy construction site.

So given the odd numbers it’s a bit hard to keep good old Revit from being a bit fuzzy with inaccuracies and stuff.

So – what better thing to do on a Friday night is to get rid of all these sketch line inaccuracies in your floor plates – did I mention we rotated the project origin just recently?

But in the end – six people contributing – and the dialog looks like this:


Warnings – zero, null, zilch…

Life is good

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