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September 16, 2017

The Sparks played in The Hague Thursday night and it was grand. You may or may not like them but for people in the late 60ies and early 70ies… I digress…

Our friend out there seems miserable and when you have to do bread and butter stuff and need to rationalize these sort of challenges I can clearly understand… understand what?… understand almost anything…

Interesting find of today – Steven, a really good friend of the family here helped me to get B-Processor running – check it out here.

Proof of concept…:


If you want to goof around with it get JAVA SDK 1.5 – current is 1.8 but there had been substantial changes in between – it won’t start up in JAVA 1.8

Anybody interested – PM me… #geekfuntime

Life is good…

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