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Under Heavy Manners

July 19, 2017

I love this song – link. David Byrne’s hysterical singing perfectly fits the beautiful weirness of Robert Fripp’s guitar tracks.

Back to BIM – finally our excursion into geology is done.

First we created excavation geometries for each ground slice using Dynamo:


The process used was a bit difficult – we basically created a couple of solids for the foundations, sliced them at the different topography levels, and then too a cookie cutter approach to cut away geometry we did not need to excavate.

The Dynamo for slicing the solid is here:Capture.png

Link to the dyn is here.

For the Boolean operations we used rather simplistic scripts:


As well as:


With a similar process we created a geometry for the required back fill as well – as seen here:


Life is good…

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