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June 19, 2017

We here at Livingroomcraftz don’t really endorse products. Nobody would pay us for that. But once in a while there is stuff that needs to get mentioned.

Today we have two:

Number one Revizto.

For us here the perfect marriage of creating a model for the non-Revit savvy people out there to share your model with with good looks and still enough “I” in the BIM.

Very few clicks bring you here:


Your model and your drawings in context – how cool is that. And that is just a fraction of what you can do – compile that into a *.exe file and send it to your client for starters. And much more…

Number two Simlab.

Those guys also have a Revit plugin that lets you take your scene into Composer where you can render and much more.


The better part is that you can very easily create a 3D PDF to pass on. Sure 3D PDF is not the greatest around but at least most people have a PDF reader capable of displaying the model.

Here in Composer


And here the PDF


Sample model here.

Life is good…

Just to make sure, we are not paid for this endorsement. We just think these are good tools.

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