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June 19, 2017

Quantities – or better quantity takeoffs – sure, easy you say, we have schedules in Revit. Bugger is just that everybody and his grumpy grandma wants an Excel file. So – export schedule to *.txt, format your heart out, import into Excel – and do that all over again. Especially on non-US Windows it’s such a fun getting dots and commas right for Excel to be recognized as a number…

Dynamo to the rescue – at least we can cut out some of the unnecessary clicky-clack… Call Dynamo, click run and get a nicely formatted workbook to pass on.

Here’s the graph:


Hi-res pic here.

Were basically filtering for structural elements and the write the volume parameter into Excel – one sheet per category. We also build the sum and put it at the last line. For stairs it’s a bit trickier – here we number the elements, pull the geometry, get the volume and write that. Stairs have no volume parameter as instance parameter – so that is why we have to work around here:




Sure – not perfect but way less error prone than OOTB – and I just don’t want to use my credit card for another plugin when I can do it myself.

Life is good…



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