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I admit

June 14, 2017

I admit – on this little bugger I would have been faster to just go ahead and number each wall, floor, structural column and framing as well as foundations by hand…


But we do not want to do that. Things that can be automated will be automated. Period!

So – yeah – Dynamo of the day…


Full graph at my G-whatsoever.

The basic idea is to catch the base constraint of element – map it onto a table of level names:


Once that is done, we can create a list with names to our own liking – do some string transform and come up with a snazzy name for each element:


Check the full screen here.

If you want to have the graph ping me. Seriously – happy to share.

Result for a wall on the first floor is:



W-01OG-002 … don’t ask me about the naming convention.

Life is good…

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