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Get in the Swing…

January 5, 2019

A nice well documented workflow that our most beloved nerd worked out today… – find it here…

And life is good…

Before we call it a day – some eye candy…


Enscape makes things look cool..

And the day has been great…

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Schools out…

January 2, 2019

Our geek in the basement made a point – BILT Academy

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Dearest creature in creation…

December 26, 2018

Holidays are play times – – and so we found the Autodesk viewer and started to throw models up in the cloud…

Nice – but why is my 250 mm concrete wall in Revit reporting 249.9940 mm in Autodesk Viewer…?


249.9940 mm…

A new years tip for #Autodesk – can we start calculate geometry in Revit in something else then decimal inches? It’s only the US, Liberia and Myanmar using this unit system. The rest of the world suffers from Revit rounding errors.

Then life would be good…


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I cant remember my own name…

December 23, 2018

Madness – spot elevation madness…

Revit – as usual – something insanely mad – spot elevations in views bound to a tilted scope box…

Anybody following?


Red lines indicate the scope boxes…

The view looks like this…Noname.png

Now applying spot elevations – there are 3 different choices and 3 different outcomes…

First, no leader


Nah – German drawings do not look like this

Second: Leader and shoulder on


Nah, nah, nah – looking terrible

Third option – drumroll please – Leader on, shoulder off


Revit will never stop to amaze me in these regards…

And life is good…

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Thank god it’s not X-mas…

December 17, 2018

IFC is the topic of the day – take a look. In any standard IFC viewer the file looks like this:


While in other IFC viewers it looks like this:


How come – let’s take a 3rd attempt at viewing the file:


And here is the culprit:


Now that can’t work – walls outside the Default Project are probably not a good idea..

Let’s take this a step further

The first missing wall has n IFC Id starting 6xx


The missing line though was here:


Adding wall 645 – and here we go


IFC demystified… and Life is good…


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Hidden by the dashboard…

December 15, 2018

Sometimes things are in plain sight but we don’t see them… like – pun intended – Revit reveals…

Objective was to grab all reveals hosted in a wall and sum their length up and write the sum into a parameter of the wall.

So there areNoname.png

So we either have a single or multiple reveals in one wall. Now some Dynamo logic:


Let’s dissect this for once in a while since it took us some time to figure:


In Types reveals show up as wall sweeps – in categories > all elements of category they don’t show up at all BTW – so we have to take the reveals and work our way back to the walls

Which happens here – thanks to Copyright(c) 2015, Konrad K Sobon


And then the piece-de-resistance

List Group by Key and Math Sum – Magik (“k” intended…):


And the result:


And life of course is good again…

BTW – have you checked that reveals won’t subtract from the Wall area but do subtract from volume – kind of wired…

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What the h… is it this time?

December 9, 2018

Something unusual – an AutoCAD (what ?!?) tip – but still noteworthy…

So we found ourselves in the position that we needed to compare 2 sets of PDFs – after long hours of getting the workflow right we settled on AutoCAD 2080 – importing the PDF from set A, overriding the colour, then importing set B to view the differences…

Which worked quite OK until, trying to select all entities in the DWG brought back – nothing.



So that is what we see after selecting all in AutoCAD


OK – all selected but Properties say – No Selection

After digging around I found this.

So – setting PROPOBJLIMIT to 0 we try again:


And all good – AutoCAD – oh boy…


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…and be clean everywhere

December 4, 2018

Yikes – somebody overwrote elements by view in Revit. Nasty, because it needs to be manually reset…


Or does it?

Well – some little Dynamo to the help


The Python behind it:


Thanks go to Clockwork for the idea…


Life is good…

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Here we go again

December 3, 2018

Our friend came up with this.

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A moon over Marin…

December 2, 2018

Edit: Song title by DK back then 199x so what… great psychobilly guitar riff BTW…

Once in a while – Sunday, not too much to prep for the coming week and the sky outside is depressingly grey, so – apert of some good food and drinks – what is better than a nice rendering… hold it – wait a second – “Rendering” – that is so 1990ies – but alas, it pleases the eye and sometimes makes you feel good…

So let’s go and we try to keep it easy…

Here we have a model – it’s our neighbours new flat…


Then we take our favourite tool for the job – Keyshot – kudos and a lot of them go to these people, girls and guys here… and you know us at LRCZ here – we are not easily endorsing stuff…

Click a button:


Keyshot 7 > Render

And now – sit back and relax for 5 to 10 minutes depending on your workstation (did I mention I like Xeon based ones a lot…)


And the result after a short wait:


Life is good – and our neighbours might be happy…

Again – Livingroomcraftz likes Keyshot:


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