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Shower, another shower

October 14, 2017

Some really nerdy Revit stuff… enjoy – this.

There is really a lot of project work and travelling coming up so it might get quiet.. for a couple of days…


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You really got me

September 30, 2017

Our friend here has a point. BILT EUR 2017 will be pretty cool – new speakers, some late in the game surprises but I am pretty sure we will learn a lot.

Info here.

So – apologies for a quiet next 10 days, but I’ll try my very best to soak up wisdom there.

A short finding – have a complex situation in your Revit and quickly want to get top the ground of it?

This is your friend:


Then in a 3D View while having your selection still in focus go to


The bottom left icon takes you to the following cropped 3D View


Nothing new but really handy if you prefer to edit in 3D like yours truly.

Life is good…

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Shower, another shower…

September 22, 2017

Due to insane amounts of project work… you have seen that before… Nonetheless, one thing that we here propagate is to keep your model clean.

We do not want to see warnings and – personally is my gold standard for model quality since you immediately can feel the performance impact – especially in floor sketches.

Anyways – ta-da – here we have the model:


Looks a bit angular

In detail:


Don’t even ask me why – we are just executing at another parties design… but yes, I sure can see the 245.82 degrees in the mud of a rainy construction site.

So given the odd numbers it’s a bit hard to keep good old Revit from being a bit fuzzy with inaccuracies and stuff.

So – what better thing to do on a Friday night is to get rid of all these sketch line inaccuracies in your floor plates – did I mention we rotated the project origin just recently?

But in the end – six people contributing – and the dialog looks like this:


Warnings – zero, null, zilch…

Life is good

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Gone with the wind…

September 19, 2017

It’s BILT time (no zoo time, no she or he time, this is gone soon…) – and here is the link to register.

Why should you come – simply you will find a lot of well minded speakers who will help you to resolve your BIM related problems. Just we have fun doing so.

And that’s the it – that is why you should come, that is where you can learn more in 3 days than you can buy consultancy time. (Oops, commercial suicide for yours truly here)

Anyways – not going without a tip:

All family types of a specific loadable family symbol:


Additionally – had a really tough one on removing corrupted shared parameters from a file – here is the workflow:


This gives me a list wit IDs:


Now just select the ID Number – go to:


Then hit Delete – the button on your keyboard…

And life is good…

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A Volkswagen Microbus…

September 18, 2017

It is the time of the year and – giddy up – BILT Europe 2017 is coming around.

See info here.

So – get saddled up and come along – the program is top notch – the learning experience you can take back into your daily routine will be grand.

No excuse for missing out.

For the rest of the day a little teaser… we have a complex project going on where we just turned project orientation and all of a sudden we had an abundance of walls off axis and you know these kind of warnings that you never ever want to have in your project.

Solution – Dynamo again, and this is the workflow


Too hard to read – get it here.

Life is good…

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At home, at work, at play

September 16, 2017

The Sparks played in The Hague Thursday night and it was grand. You may or may not like them but for people in the late 60ies and early 70ies… I digress…

Our friend out there seems miserable and when you have to do bread and butter stuff and need to rationalize these sort of challenges I can clearly understand… understand what?… understand almost anything…

Interesting find of today – Steven, a really good friend of the family here helped me to get B-Processor running – check it out here.

Proof of concept…:


If you want to goof around with it get JAVA SDK 1.5 – current is 1.8 but there had been substantial changes in between – it won’t start up in JAVA 1.8

Anybody interested – PM me… #geekfuntime

Life is good…

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Looney tunes

September 11, 2017

If this is true we have a nasty issue in our fav lil’ol modelling platform – see here.

And the dear people at Autodesk might take note to fix stuff like that… IMHO

Other than that – Life is good…

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Out of the blue…

September 7, 2017

Nice find there…

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A quick one (while he is away)…

September 4, 2017

Remember The Who? Their first mini opera… A quick one… The guitar arpeggios with the Dsus4  chord at the beginning – made me try over and over and over again…

D-Suspended 4th-D-x,x,0,2,3,3

Anyways – a quick litke trick – we are modelling this handsome building at the moment ans you know how the analytical model enabled can drag your performance down. Moving a wall takes ages…


And that is what we are talking about – four stories done, four more to go


So – why not just disable the analytical model while editing and turning it on later again – bummer, it’s an instance parameter:


Big fun doing it manually – so Dynamo to the rescue

Disable Analytical Model from Moidelical.

All it takes is this – the boolean is the toggle to disable and re-enable


For those of you who try to avoid custom packages – here is the broken down version:


Anyways – life is good…

PS.: I just reviewed the model and here we go:


Zero Warnings – We’ll keep it that way…

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Larks tongues in aspic..

September 2, 2017

Our friend here has a statement to make:

Last couple of days had been a bit quiet and focused on production work and “future opportunities”.

The latter term I like a lot because 1 in 10 of advertised “guaranteed projects within the next 2 months” actually translate in money in the bank. But that is a small business rant.

More importantly – the workflow described above is sorta kinda cool – poll – what do you think?


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